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What is UI/UX design and why is it so important to the success of your new application or software system and to your clients’/users’ satisfaction?

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UI stands for user interface. UI is essentially the graphical layout of your application, whether that be the a website, software system or mobile application. It includes elements the user interacts with on the screen, such as the screen layout itself, images, sliders, animations, the buttons you click on, the data entry fields, etc.

Unique UI / UX software design

UX stands for User Experience. UX is essentially how the user interacts with your application. Do they get a good user experience? This is determined by factors such as is your website, app or system simple and intuitive to use, or confusing and clunky? Is it logical or haphazard to use?

User experience is determined by how easy or difficult it is to interact with the user interface elements that the UI designers have created.

So essentially, UX design determines how the user interface works whereas UI design determines how the user interface looks. Both involve very different skill sets, but they are integral to each other’s success and the overall success of your application.

UI/UX Design / Software Design - Unique software design

Our experienced team at Unique Software Design take UI/UX design seriously with our customer-centric approach – not only from the perspective of you being our customer, but more importantly from the perspective of your customers – either internal i.e. your management and staff, maybe even suppliers; – or external customers e.g. your B2B &/or B2C end-users.

Our project process always starts with understanding the nature of your business, your target customers or clients, defining thier profiles, their preferences, their online behaviour, while all the time being conscious of what you want the software product or mobile application to deliver and achieve for your business.

Our UI/UX designers then use their skills and knowledge to work with you to plot your customer journey and determine the optimum wireframe and design a suitable user interface, no matter the application or device type.

And we always recommend including a sample of your clients or customers at various stages in the design and testing during the development process in order to ensure the optimum designed solution.

Talk to us today and see how we can use effective UI/UX design to bring your new project to life and transform effective design into successful customer experience!

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