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Online Pricing & Quote Engine Software Solution

Having a custom developed automated pricing and online quote engine solution for your business can help significantly reduce the level of administation and improve the speed of the sales process.

Unique Software Design have experience in developing pricing and quote engines for various industry sectors, including insurance, education and entertainment sectors.

Our custom developed quote engine system can be integrated into your existing customer-facing website (or we can develop a new website for you) where prospects can view quotes instantly after entering their email address and other basic info necessary to receive a quote.

In addition to getting an immediate on-site quote, our online quote engine software can send an automated email quote, with an online quote comparison of available products, directly to your prospective customer.

Overall, having an automated pricing and quote engine developed for your business can make your company, agents and customer service staff look more professional.

Online Pricing & Quote Engine Software Solution Ireland

If you are considering having a custom developed quote engine system programmed for your business, contact us today for an initial consultation to discuss your requirements.

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