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At Unique Software Design our experienced team of developers has extensive experience developing mobile applications, or apps.

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We are experienced in delivering apps which use cloud-based services when online but yet maintain full functionality when there is little or no connectivity.

In keeping up to date with the latest technologies and languages, we use Microsoft’s Xamarin platform for efficient and effective app development. This allows us to build native Apple iOS and Google Android apps from one code base with significant time savings over the time it would take to build them in native languages.

App Features & Functionality.

Over the years we have developed and integrated a complete range of special features and functionality into apps we have produced for clients.

Mobile App development Ireland

Those Include:

We also have extensive experience in planning and building Apps that have significant API and backend requirements, integrating backend applications and data. Our methodologies and middleware ensure that backend integration is achieved efficiently and securely.

If you are looking for a reliable and cost effective app development company in Ireland to develop and deliver your mobile app, contact us today to arrange an initial chat, in confidence, and see how we can help you.

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