At Unique Software Design we help clients to develop software, web and mobile solutions from initial idea through to product launch and onwards.

About Us

We are experts in UI/UX design, custom software design development, IOS & Android app development, front-end development and integrated software solutions.

One of our unique skills is being able to connect with clients at a high level and to quickly visualise what they are trying to achieve. We are able to develop an understanding of not only our client’s requirements, but also to look at is from the perspective of their users and customers, and then translate that into simple non-technical language and deliver practical, user friendly and effective technical solutions.

As business owners ourselves, and having worked with a complete range of entrepreneurs and SME’s across Ireland, we have the business acumen to be able to consider your business needs when prioritizing and making critical project decisions and to deliver the product solution on time and in budget.

Whether you need an end-to-end full-stack solution or a short-term engagement to solve a difficult immediate problem, or technology guidance for a project you are planning or help in securing grant aid and investment for your new software or app, we can help.


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Our 7 Step Process to Quality Software and App Development

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