Our 7 Step Process to Quality Software and App Development

Ideation, Project Scoping & Research

Perhaps the most important stage in the overall process! This is where we work closely with you to understand your idea and requirements, planning out your software or app, not just from your perspective, but also carefully taking into consideration who will use it, what are the features and functions that will be required, what options are available, what added value can be integrated, etc. We can also look at elements such as researching what competitors exist and what features and functions they have included or not; undertaking research among a sample of customers or potential customers to assess their needs pre-development.

UI and UX Design

Once the overall software or app concept has been thought out, we then develop a flow chart – a basic wireframe visualisation to show how users will navigate through the software or app, screen to screen, button to button. After that, our team of experienced and creative UI/UX designers create compelling, intuitive and user-friendly designs. We can the demo the software or app on-screen to you so you can see what it would look like on your desktop or mobile device.

Software and App Development

After the design has been approved, we then move on to the development phase. Here our experienced and competent development team programme and code your software or app to the latest standards and technologies. We use an agile development process with frequent releases for testing and to ensure that your final product runs efficiently and user friendly when released to the market.

Software and App Testing & QA (Quality Assurance)

We employ rigorous testing and quality checks throughout the development process to ensure your new software or app is delivered to spec and with the best user experience. We use a combination of automated and manual testing that encompasses usability, interface testing, device testing, performance and security across front and backend applications.

Software Deployment and App Store Release

Once your new software and/or app has be developed and tested, we then deploy it on your existing or new website or system and/or release your app to the Apple App and Google Play app stores.

Post Launch Measurement & Analytics

Depending on the nature of your new software or app, measuring and analysing the metrics and your user behaviour is key to ensuring that your new software or app meets its objectives, continues to perform as intended and can scale up well for additional users as necessary.

Ongoing Maintenance & Support

A new piece of software or app is never really completed. A combination of today’s changing technology, platform and language updates, coupled with your own ongoing requirements &/or your customers changing demands, necessitates a combination of pro-active and re-active ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your software or app continues to performs effectively. At Unique Software Design we provide hassle free ongoing maintenance and support so you can rest assured you will continue to effectively serve your customers requirements.

Steps for every successful Software and App Development

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